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A Quick Change to My CFQ Podcast Schedule

A while back, I wrote that my next appearance on the Cinefantastique Podcast was going to be to discuss the zombie thriller / romantic comedy Warm Bodies.  Well, that was the plan, except I didn’t anticipate that the demand for the book was going to be so high that I wouldn’t be able to get the book from my library in time.  So instead, I will be joining the guys at CFQ to discuss Beautiful Creatures, which is based on a teen novel by Kami Garcia that I read several years ago.  The movie is definitely going to be romantic with a paranormal twist, but will it be entertaining, too?  Wait and see!

Discussing The Hobbit on Cinefantastique

We recorded a podcast today about the new film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  The discussion was lively, and between the different members of the group we had very different levels of appreciation for this film.  It was part adaptation, part material from Tolkien’s other writings (like the Lord of the Rings appendices), and part “Yeah, that’s what it says in the book, but wouldn’t it be even better if THIS happened instead?”  That being said, the riddle scene between Bilbo and Gollum was overwhelmingly cool.

The episode will be appearing soon on the Cinefantastique podcast, which you can find right here on their websiteETA: Okay, the episode is up now!

My next visit to Cinefantastique will be in February to discuss a film with a much different vibe, a zombie flick that combines comedy, horror, and romance called Warm Bodies.

Discussing Rise of the Guardians on Cinefantastique

We just recorded an informative and entertaining discussion of the new Dreamworks film Rise of the Guardians, which is loosely based on the Guardians of Childhood books by William Joyce.  I say “loosely based,” because while it’s clear that the books and the movie sprang from the mind of the same creator, they’re not really the same story.

That being said, both the books and the movie are a lot of fun in different ways.  And if you’re looking for a good movie to bring your kids to see, this is a good choice because both young and old audience members will enjoy this movie and get a kick out of the characters.  Especially the yetis

Our conversation will be available very soon on the Cinefantastique podcast.
ETA: Ta-da!  As a matter of fact, the episode is up right now!  Enjoy!

Discussing Cloud Atlas and More on Cinefantastique

I just finished recording my latest appearance on the Cinefantastique podcast.  Several months ago I was looking through the upcoming releases listed on IMDB, and saw that Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell had been adapted into a movie.  Little did I know that I would have to spend a week and a half and a LOT of brain cells to wrap my mind around this story.  And little did I know that Cloud Atlas was billed as an “unfilmable” book.

Well, they filmed it.  And we discussed it.  That episode will be going up on the Cinefantastique website and on iTunes at the beginning of next week.

[ETA – Wow, that was fast!  Our discussion of Cloud Atlas is up right now!]

We also pencilled in some dates for a few more appearances.  In November I’ll be going on to discuss Rise of the Guardians (unless they end up taking that weekend off for Thanksgiving), and in December I’ll be returning to discuss The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyRise of the Guardians is based on the children’s book The Guardians of Childhood by William Joyce, which I should be able to read very quickly.  Preparing for The Hobbit will take a while, though.  I’ve got a bunch of re-reading and re-watching to do over the next few months!

Report From New York Comic Con

I spent a large portion of my Thursday at New York Comic Con enjoying several library-themed panels and then perusing the show room floor with some library colleagues and a fellow podcaster. 

First I watched two panel discussions — one about problem patrons that was given by the guys behind the Unshelved comic strip, and one about conducting superhero-themed programs for kids and teens.  The Unshelved panel was both educational and entertaining, and the superhero panel was cute but more geared for younger patrons. 

Then it was time to go to the show room floor, and I spent the next several hours walking around with different people, taking pictures and taking free samples of stuff that I can use as prizes and incentives for the teens in my library.  I spent part of that time hanging out with Dan Persons of Cinefantastique, Mighty Movie Podcast, and Temple of Bad fame:

That’s Dan updating his Twitter feed in the Nerdist realm.  And yes, that’s a typical Nerdist made out of LEGO because … well, just because, I guess.

While we were there, Dan took the opportunity to shoot some video of us in front of the Cinefantastique booth and as we explored different parts of the show room floor.  I saw the video afterwards and can honestly say that it’s not that awful, and in fact is pretty entertaining.  You can check it out right over here.  Oh, and Dan introduces me as a “fellow Temple of Bad novitiate,” because in addition to my weekly gig of discussing great books here, I also have a monthly gig of discussing godawful movies there.  Hey, who says I’m not well-rounded?

Oh, and in tangentially related news, I’m going to be returning to the Cinefantastique podcast in a few weeks to discuss the film Cloud Atlas, based on the novel by David Mitchell.  Will I be able to make sense of this bewildering book in time?  Tune in to find out!

I’m Back on Cinefantastique, Discussing Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

How seriously can you take a film called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?  For that matter, can you take it more or less seriously than the book by Seth Grahame-Smith?  Find out during this conversation about the movie, the book, and more!  You can listen to this episode of the Cinefantastique podcast on iTunes, or on the Cinefantastique website:


We Discuss John Carter and The Hunger Games on the Cinefantastique Podcast

At the beginning of this month we talked about John Carter, and I was one of its bigger supporters.  Was that because I thought that Woola the dog-like creature was cute, because Taylor Kitsch was cute, or because all the action was a lot of fun?  Uhm … how about all of the above?

Then this weekend we talked about The Hunger Games, and for the first time ever since I’ve been crashing the party at Cinefantastique, the guys liked a movie as much as I did!  And in case you were wondering — if you love the book, you should see the movie, and if you didn’t read the book, go see it anyway!

After we finished our discussion of The Hunger Games, we talked about movies that might be good candidates for me to come back and discuss on Cinefantastique in the future.  I’m delighted to announce that I will be returning to the show to discuss what just might turn out to be a summer blockbuster.  The movie is based on a book I read several years ago.  A book that seemed like it would be completely ridiculous, but which turned out to be both a lot of fun and almost … kind of … historically accurate.

Well, all except for the part about the vampires

Yes, that’s right, I’ll be swinging by Cinefantastique again in June to discuss Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter!

Coming Soon – Two More Appearances on Cinefantastique!

Today we recorded a conversation about John Carter, in which my primary contributions were to discuss the differences between this film and the 1912 book A Princess of Mars … and to discuss the benefits of having a main character who doesn’t wear a shirt for most of the film.  You know, just the essential points of film criticism!

Anyway, our discussion of John Carter will be released this week.  Our discussion of The Hunger Games film will be recorded on Sunday March 25th and will be released shortly after that.  You can listen to these episodes on the Cinefantastique website or subscribe to their podcast feed on iTunes. 


We Discuss The Woman in Black and More on the CFQ Podcast!

I was honored to be a guest once again on the Cinefantastique podcast this weekend, discussing The Woman in Black and several other recent releases.  You can listen to the episode on iTunes or check it out on the Cinefantastique website HERE.

Oh, and be forewarned: the spoilers section is even more spoilery than usual.  That was where I talked about some of the enormous differences between the book and the movie and we all shared our thoughts about some major plot twists.  But don’t worry; Dan always gives you a warning about when it’s safe to come back into the discussion after the spoiler section is over.


ETA: When I checked the web traffic for this website recently, I noticed that this entry was getting a lot of hits because of specific searches using the terms “woman in black” and “dog.”  So let me tell you a little more about the dog in case that’s why you’re here.  This dog (pictured above) is named Spider, and according to the book is supposed to be female.  There are some big differences in Spider’s role between the book and the movie versions of The Woman in Black, and I discussed some of those differences in the Cinefantastique episode that we recorded.  Follow the link above to listen to that conversation and to hear more about Spider the dog!

My Latest Appearance on the Cinefantastique Podcast

The episode in which we discussed Hugo, The Muppets, 3-D movies, press screenings, and more was just released today.  You can find it on iTunes and on the Cinefantastique website:

We also recorded another episode, which will be released later this week.  In that episode we discussed George Melies, Star Wars, and a bunch of other stuff.  You can check the Cinefantastique website to see when that episode is ready to go.

As usual, we started off being civil, polite, quiet, and respectful.  And then we loosened up and had fun.  I really enjoy appearing on that show, and it’s fun being part of a group dynamic and making that group laugh.  And if I get to throw in a bad movie reference or two?  All the better!

After we recorded the second episode we started planning ahead for some more guest spots that I could do on CFQ in 2012.  As of this moment, I’ll definitely be appearing on the show to discuss The Hunger Games.  And now I’m pencilled in for the discussions of The Woman in Black and John Carter.  Granted, those aren’t based on young adult or children’s books, which was the original “area of expertise” limit I’d set for myself.  But first off, they’d like me to appear on the show more often, which is sweet and humbling and gosh-darned wonderful.  And secondly, if I limited myself to movies based on children’s and young adult books, then I wouldn’t be going on the show again until The Lorax was released.  And honestly, do you really need a literary expert to discuss The Lorax???  So anyway, I’m going to slowly expand my role as a guest speaker/presenter/podcaster while still being true to the literary goal of Be a Better Booktalker.  To that end, I will be appearing on the Cinefantastique podcast more often than before but … and this is crucial … not so often that I will wear out my welcome.