Booktalk: Uncaged by John Sandford & Michele Cook

Uncaged cover

Here’s a suspenseful story for teens from John Sandford, an author who’s famous for writing suspenseful stories for adults.  Uncaged is the first in a series of books that Sandford wrote with his wife Michele Cook, about a brother and sister who get in over their heads trying to escape from a corporation that will do anything to stop them.


Shay Remby and her brother Odin have had a hard life for the last several years, and now it’s getting worse.  First both of their parents died, and they spent a lot of time going in and out of foster care.  They were living separate lives but secretly keeping in touch on Facebook.

Then Shay gets a message from Odin saying that something bad just happened, and he is in a LOT of trouble.  It turns out that he was part of an animal rights group that broke into a lab to free the animals and ruin the experiments.  But what they found weren’t the kind of experiments they expected, and the company that runs the lab will do anything it can to silence them.  Odin escaped from the lab with some flash drives, a computer, and a very special dog.  He didn’t realize it when he rescued it, but the experiments they were doing on this dog make it very valuable … and very dangerous.

Shay, Odin, and X the dog all have a price on their heads, and they’ll have to be strong, smart, and lucky if they want to escape with their lives.

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