Booktalk: Jackaby by William Ritter

Jackaby cover

Jackaby by William Ritter is an awesome mix of historical fiction, suspense, and magic.  And since we’re in Women’s History Month, I should also mention that it features an awesome kick-ass heroine!


Abigail Rook is new to the United States, and she’s new to detective work.  But she needs a job to keep a roof over her head, and that’s why she answered the ad to be an assistant for investigative services.  She didn’t realize until she went to inquire about the job that “investigative services” wasn’t a company but instead it was one man, R.F. Jackaby.  And she didn’t realize until she arrived at her first crime scene that there was a reason Jackaby had used the line “strong stomach preferred” in the ad.  The sight and the stench of a dead body, especially the body of someone who was killed so violently, would make most women faint.  But Abigail Rook isn’t most women.

Abigail has no idea that the kinds of crimes she’ll help to solve will be caused by both men and monsters.  She has no idea that Jackaby has the unique ability to see creatures that no one else can see.  She has no idea that working with Jackaby means that her life will be in more danger than ever before.  And she also has no idea about what happened to Jackaby’s LAST assistant.


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