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Hi, Everyone.

I recently discovered that Be a Better Booktalker was listed as a resource on New York City’s DOE website in conjunction with their NYC Reads 365 program.

DOE Header

This is, of course, EXTREMELY awesome, and I appreciate the shout-out!

If you’re here for the first time to learn about booktalking, then welcome to the site!  I developed Be a Better Booktalker several years ago as a weekly podcast, and on this blog you can find information about booktalking, the text of each booktalk I share, and audio of each episode.  Most episodes are simply the booktalks themselves, which are just a few minutes long.  I occasionally record longer “in-depth” episodes in which I discuss different topics at length, including how to write and record booktalks, public speaking tips, favorite books of the year, and genre guides.

To listen to the audio episodes, just scroll down to the bottom of each entry and you’ll see the audio player embedded there.  And to search for books by topic, grade level, and more, check out the “Categories” list in the left-hand column.

Thanks for visiting the site, and if you’d like to learn even more about booktalking, here are a few more resources you can also check out:

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