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Hi, everyone!

[FYI, both the site and this post are technically under construction right now.  I’ll use this post to keep you … uhm … posted about what’s going on.  So check back here for the latest info.]

I’m still getting the hang of the WordPress bells and whistles, so just bear with me for a bit.  Originally I was going to use this picture (gathered from the stack of YA books I’m currently reading) and use it as wallpaper for this site, but when I tried that it made the page title unreadable 🙁  And so instead we’re now enjoying a much “cleaner” look.

I manually added the actual MP3 files back into each post, which I thought would be a 1-step process but actually turned into a process of 159 steps because I have a LOT of episodes at this point and there was no way to transfer them all at once.  But THEN I discovered two days later as I was trying to figure out the whole iTunes / RSS thing that I have to do some more tweaking to those 159 episodes which will actually involve removing all of those MP3 files I manually put in so that they’ll be added to the RSS feed correctly.

*bangs head against the wall*

So I was hoping that once I removed my old website and put this new-and-improved one in its place that the RSS feed would be the same … except … it isn’t 🙁  Anyway, the NEW RSS podcast feed is now here:

I think this might mean that you’ll have to re-subscribe to the podcast in iTunes when I’m done uploading all the episodes into the new RSS feed, unless of course iTunes surprises me with its intuitiveness.  We shall see.

[Oh thank God.  The new feed DID automatically update in my iTunes subscription just now.  There’s only one episode in it at this moment (which happens to be at 3am), but I’ll spend my free day on this (*grumble*) and I’ll get all of the episodes into the new feed.]

I will also be adding image files back into my posts, because most of them are going to disappear after Wednesday when the old server vanishes.  I’ll also be double-checking all my old links to see which ones need updating.  This is going to take a little while because I have three years’ worth of posts to go through (yikes!)

This week I won’t be posting my regularly scheduled episode because I’m going to be wrestling with this damned working on this website migration project, but by next week everything should be back to (almost) normal.

Okay, here’s my last ETA (6/26/14):

QuickBlogCast vanished yesterday and all of my old pictures are still up on the site.  I’m *hoping* that means that they’ll stay there, because that would save me an enormous chore.  I still have to go through the entire site and fix outdated links, but I’ll be doing that gradually.

I used as an intermediary step while I was working on the new site, but I’m not going to be using it anymore because is up and running again.  I’m probably not going to keep the .net address, but I’m not sure yet if I’m just going to cancel it or let it run its course.  Come to think of it, I’ll leave it up for a little bit just to re-direct people back to this site.  Anyway, your old bookmarks (you DID have this site bookmarked, right?) will still work.

As of this moment, all 150+ episodes of BaBB are up on the new RSS feed.  If you subscribed to the podcast on iTunes, you won’t need to subscribe again.  The new episodes going forward will automatically be appearing in the new feed.

Thanks again for your patience, and … onward and upward!

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