I Am Rebuilding My Vast Empire

… by which I mean I’ve figured out how to set up the email subscription widget for this page.  It turns out that I had to activate my Jetpack first.  Ah, WordPress, you’re so whimsical!  Anyway, I re-invited a bunch of people who had subscribed to the old website, or commented on it, or given me moral support, etc. etc.  So if you’re here because of a recent invite, welcome!  Check out the new bells and whistles on my fancy new site!

Anyway, the rebuilding process is going well.  The old pictures on my blog did NOT all vanish when the old server went down (YAY!)  I’m still fixing broken and outdated links (BOO!)  And adding a simple links / blogroll widget to this page is way more complicated than I would have thought (???)  [ETA 6/29: Okay, I figured it out.  I just had to put in a text widget and wrestle with the HTML until I got it right.  Go me!  Anyway, there’s now a “few of my favorite links” section on the left-hand side that contains most of my old favorites, plus new websites and new tumblrs, too!]

So please enjoy the website as it continues to improve (read: I figure out what I’m doing).  And stay tuned for a new podcast episode next week!

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  1. John S. Drew says:

    Thought this might appear to you. YA authors Bruce Coville and Tamora Pierce will be appearing at Carnegie Mellon as part of a series of lecture on YA literature.


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