Stay Tuned to Cinefantastique For Discussions of Divergent and More!

I’m going to be appearing on the next episodes of the Cinefantastique podcast.  Yes, that’s right, EPISODES!  First will be the “Spotlight” episode, in which we’ll be discussing the soon-to-be-blockbuster movie Divergent based on the blockbuster book.
Divergent poster

Will the movie be as good as the book?  I certainly hope so!

Then in the “Dossier Fantastique” episode that will be released later in the week, we’ll be discussing new movies like Muppets Most Wanted
Muppets Most Wanted

old movies like The Creeping Terror
The Creeping Terror

and everything in between!

Stay tuned to the Cinefantastique Podcast to catch both of these episodes.  I’ll provide direct links here as soon as they’re ready.

ETA: The first episode is ready now!  Divergent: Spotlight Podcast
ETA: The second episode is up!
Muppets Most Wanted & The Creeping Terror: Dossier Fantastique

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