Booktalk: Missing Abby by Lee Weatherly

Missing Abby cover

First things first — isn’t the cover of this book simply awesome???  Okay, now on to the rest of the story …

I’m a fan of Missing Abby because it’s a mystery, and mysteries always draw in readers.  But it’s also a story about friendship, and leaving friends behind, and trying to reinvent yourself into someone cooler than you used to be.  And those are the kinds of issues that speak deeply to readers in general, but especially to teenagers who feel the push-and-pull of friendships more passionately than older or younger audiences.

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Emma and Abby used to be best friends.  They’d been inseparable since they were three years old.  They used to spend all their time together, sharing ideas and inventing fantastic stories.  But their friendship ended two years ago, when Emma made some important changes.  She changed her school, she changed her life, and she changed her friends.  She hoped that by getting away from Abby, she wouldn’t be called a freak anymore.  She wouldn’t be humiliated and tormented by bullies anymore.  It was hard at first, ignoring Abby and always pretending to be busy when she called, but eventually Abby took the hint.  Now Emma has new friends, and none of them know what a loser she used to be.

But everything changes when Abby disappears, and by coincidence, Emma is the last person to see her.  Now Emma’s new friends are going to see Abby on the news.  They’ll learn that she was a Goth, with black clothes, black eyeliner, and black fingernails.  They’ll learn that Abby was into playing Dungeons and Dragons.  And what will they think about Emma then?

And more importantly – where is Abby?  Was she kidnapped or did she run away?  Is she alive or dead?  And will Emma be able to work with Abby’s new friends to find her before it’s too late?

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