Booktalk: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Coldest Girl in Coldtown cover

This book has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and deservedly so!  The Coldest Girl in Coldtown fuses the idea of vampires with a dystopian future, and stars some really compelling characters.  Plus, I love both the title and the cover to pieces!

Give this to your teen readers who love horror, who love vampires, and who love strong kick-ass heroines.  And make sure you visit Holly Black’s website to learn more about her novels, short stories, and graphic novels for children and teens.


When a person is bitten by a vampire, the person doesn’t turn into a vampire right away.  Usually what happens is that the person turns cold.  Not exactly living, but not quite undead, either.  The person might turn into a vampire, or might turn back into a human.

And that’s why the government built a series of Coldtowns, and surrounded each one with walls and high security.  Each Coldtown is filled with vampires, humans who want to become vampires, humans who want to be vampire victims, and humans who’ve turned cold … so they’re not quite human anymore.

All of the vampires are supposed to stay in the Coldtowns.  But vampires don’t always follow the rules.  So it’s still dangerous for humans to be out at night … and still stupid for humans to go to parties at sundown.

Last night, Tana went to a sundown party.  This morning she woke up in the bathtub, and discovered that almost everyone else in the house was dead.  Now she’s on the strangest road trip ever, with her ex-boyfriend and a vampire who probably wants to kill both of them.  And Tana is driving all of them to the nearest Coldtown.

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