Booktalk: Slated by Teri Terry

Slated UK coverSlated cover

[Here are the UK and US covers, respectively.  I like them both, but I have to give the coolness edge to the UK edition.  I mean, the city is cool and all, but do we NEED to see it?]

So … remember how I recently devoted an entire episode to a few of my favorite dystopias?   Well, shortly after I finished that episode I read this book, and Slated definitely deserves to have a place on any “best dystopian fiction” lists!  Check out Teri Terry’s website to learn more about the Slated trilogy: Slated (out now in hc & pb), Fractured (out this month in the US), and Shattered (out in March 2014 in the UK and May 2014 in the US).


Kyla is sixteen years old, but she’s only been awake for the last nine months.  Before that she was Slated — her mind was wiped clean of everything she’d ever done, everyone she ever knew, every thought she’d ever had.  All gone.

Kyla knows very little about herself.  She knows that she was a criminal, and that’s why her mind was wiped clean.  Being Slated was supposed to be the more humane alternative to jail or to the death penalty.  Kyla knows that she has to hold on to happy thoughts, because if she gets too sad or too stressed out she could get in trouble or she could even die.  That’s because all the people who’ve been Slated have to wear a special device called a Levo on their wrists as part of their punishment.  The Levo monitors their moods — if the number drops too low it will set off alarms, and if the number drops even lower the people wearing them can lose consciousness or even die.

Kyla is one of thousands of people who’ve been Slated.  But there’s something about her that’s different from the rest of them.  She keeps having nightmares about running, about trying to escape something that she can’t see.  As time goes on she starts learning more about the person she used to be — she discovers that she can draw, she can run, she can drive, and she can fight.

Kyla is going to learn that when her mind was wiped clean, the process didn’t go exactly as expected.

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