Booktalk: Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian


When you start booktalking, you’ll discover that some books sell themselves while others are a little harder to push.  Based on this cover, Not That Kind of Girl definitely sells itself.  Between the title and the picture, girls who are looking for romance novels will pick up this book even if you don’t say a word about it.  In fact, this is a book that probably doesn’t NEED to be booktalked at all.  That being said, I decided to write a booktalk for it because it was a romance novel that I actually enjoyed, which puts it into a very exclusive club.

If you want to learn more about this book and lots of other realistic fiction with strong and memorable female characters, check out Siobhan Vivian’s website!

ETA: I’ll be out of town on vacation next week, so please tune in for the next episode of Be a Better Booktalker in two weeks!


Natalie Sterling should know better.  She’s a senior in high school now, and she’s spent the last several years avoiding guys who are jerks.  She’s seen lots of girls get their feelings AND their reputations hurt by the boys in her school … lots of girls including her best friend.

Natalie is busy keeping her grades high enough to stay on the honor roll and campaigning to be the next student council president.  She is not concentrating on boys, she is not concentrating on boys who are jerks, and she is DEFINITELY not concentrating on Connor, who is one of the biggest jerks in the whole school.

So …you see where this is going, right?

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