Booktalk: Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse Anderson is probably best known for girl-oriented realistic fiction books like Speak and Wintergirls, but her fans have learned that her other books are definitely worth reading, too.  Twisted is rare because it focuses on a male protagonist, but like her other books in that it contains a lot of human drama.


Tyler has been in trouble before, but never like this.   He’s forgotten to do his homework.  He’s failed tests and quizzes.  There was even the time last year that Tyler was caught spray-painting all over the school and was arrested, and is now on probation.  Like I said, he’s been in trouble before.  But in his senior year he’s going to get in trouble in ways he never imagined, and it all starts with Bethany Milbury.

Bethany is the sister of one of Tyler’s greatest enemies, and she’s the daughter of his father’s boss.  Bethany is one of the most beautiful and popular girls in school, and she has NEVER looked twice at Tyler — until now.  Maybe it’s because all the manual labor he did over the summer gave Tyler some muscles.  Maybe it’s because his police record gave him a cool reputation.  But now he’s attracted Bethany’s attention, and his relationship with her will get him into more trouble than he’s ever known before.

Tyler doesn’t know it yet, but senior year is going to be the best and the worst year ever.  He has no idea how twisted his life is going to be.

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