Booktalk: Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Generation Dead is a zombie novel, but it’s not the one-dimensional “scary monster” story you might expect.  This is the story about what happens when people come back from the dead, and then the rest of society tries (or fails) to make room for them.  Horror fans will enjoy the scary elements, and thoughtful readers will take the opportunity to examine the sociological implications of whether or not zombies have “human rights” that deserve to be protected.

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Tommy Williams is trying out for the football team.  This wouldn’t be so unusual, except for the fact that Tommy is dead.  Well, to clarify, he isn’t dead exactly.  He’s differently biotic.  Living impaired.  A zombie, if you will.  Tommy Williams is just one of the many teenagers across the country who won’t stay dead.  Hundreds and thousands of formerly dead teenagers are coming out of their graves, and returning to the things that used to be familiar to them.  Like home, like school, and like football.  There’s been a lot of resistance from the living to the whole idea of dead teenagers coming back to life.  What rights should they have?  What should we call them?  Why did they come back to life?   And how can you make somebody die and STAY dead?  A boy trying out for the football team shouldn’t be that unusual.  But when the recently dead Tommy Williams tries out for this football team, and he proves to be a better and stronger player than many of his living teammates, it’s like lighting the fuse attached to a stick of dynamite.  Because a zombie who tries out for the football team is a zombie who’s crossing the line.  And a lot of kids at Oakvale High plan to teach Tommy Williams a lesson.

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