Booktalking and the Common Core Learning Standards

Are you up on all your teaching lingo?  Are you familiar with rubrics and DBQs?  How about the CCLS?

Yeah, me neither.

But since I’m a public librarian who does school outreach, I need to know what’s going on in the schools I visit so that I can try to coordinate my public library agenda with the needs of educators.  Since 46 states have now adopted the common core learning standards, I thought I’d think of ways that booktalks can be used directly and indirectly in conjunction with those new standards.

So on the one hand, this episode is for teachers.  On the other hand, it’s for librarians like me who work with educators and who might need some persuasive arguments for why they should allow us to visit their schools (p.s. – I’m not including the educators in my audience in this group.  You guys are cool.  But sometimes we public librarians have a hard time coordinating class visits with educators who don’t want to fit us into their schedules and don’t see why they should.  That’s where the persuasive arguments come in).

Okay, I promised a lot of links in this episode, and here they are.  If you want to learn more about common core learning standards and lesson plans that you can use with those standards, here are some great places to get started:

and finally, the link of all links …

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