Booktalk: Team Human by Justine Larbalestier and Sarah Rees Brennan

Sure, we’ve all read stories about cool, distant vampires and the swooning women who love them. Whether the vampires are of the bloodthirsty or sparkling varieties, we spend most of those stories focused on the couple, waiting to see how long it will take for the human woman to melt his cold, undead heart.  What I enjoyed about Team Human is that it’s a vampire story that isn’t focused on the vampire at all.  Instead it focuses on that swooning girl’s best friend, and we get to experience the love story through the perspective of a girl who is understandably worried.  How would you feel if your best friend was thinking about literally throwing her life away?  Wouldn’t you be angry, upset, and afraid?  How far would you go to protect her?

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Friends don’t let friends date vampires.  At least, that’s what Mel has always believed.

Mel and her friends live in New Whitby, Maine, a city that was founded by vampires.  Now, it’s not that Mel objects to vampires in general.  As long as they stay in their part of town and leave the humans alone, it’s just fine.  But when one of the vampires shows up at Mel’s high school — the HUMAN high school, Mel starts getting upset.  And when Mel’s best friend Cathy, a girl who has always admired vampires from afar seems interested in getting as close as possible to THIS vampire, Mel starts getting REALLY upset.

Yes, it’s true that most vampires obey vampire laws and human laws.  It’s true that they have a steady blood supply now, so they don’t need to attack people anymore.  But it’s also true that sometimes when humans fall in love with vampires, they CHOOSE to be bitten.  They CHOOSE to transform.  And that transformation can sometimes lead to death, or even worse.

Much, much worse.

Mel and Cathy have been best friends for years, and Mel will do anything to protect her.  But the way Cathy keeps looking at Francis the vampire, as she sighs dreamily over his cool skin and his undead eyes, Mel has very good reasons to be worried.

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