Booktalk: Look For Me by Moonlight by Mary Downing Hahn

As you may remember, one of my criteria for including booktalks on this blog and podcast are that the books themselves be in print.  Which means that some of my favorite books have been in limbo, and I check those titles periodically to see if they’re in print again.  I was delighted to see that Look For Me by Moonlight was available again so that I could share it with you.

I’m a big fan of many books by Mary Downing Hahn (who needs a website update, BTW, since her books are still being released).  Most of my favorite books of hers include some compelling supernatural elements, often but not always in the form of ghosts.

If you’re in charge of ordering books for teens in a school library, a public library, or even a classroom library, you should order several copies of this book.  It’s an older book about an ever-popular topic, and teenage girls will be reading and sharing this book with each other before you know it.


Cynda is sixteen years old, and her life is about to change completely.  Ever since her parents divorced and each of them remarried, Cynda has been going back and forth living most of the time with her mom and Steve and the rest of the time with her dad and Susan.  Mom and Steve have moved a lot over the years, dragging Cynda along with them.  But once she hears they’re moving overseas, she puts her foot down.  She’s not going.  So the family reaches a compromise – Cynda will go to live with Dad and Susan for six months, and then take it from there.  Cynda’s glad they listened to her for once, but when she gets to her new home, she realizes how hard this is going to be.  Dad and Susan already have one child together, and there’s another one on the way.  Cynda feels like a stranger in her new home – she doesn’t fit in, and no one understands her.

But then … she meets Vincent.  He is older, sophisticated, handsome, intelligent, caring, sensitive – he’s everything she wants!  Vincent listens to her.  Vincent understands her.  And there’s something about him that’s mysterious … almost magical.  As Cynda falls in love with him, it becomes harder and harder for her to see Vincent for what he really is.  Cynda is about to learn a hard lesson – that evil can only come into her life if she invites it first.  But by the time she realizes this, it will be too late … because she’s already given the invitation.

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