Booktalk: Catherine, Called Birdy by Karen Cushman

I can’t believe it took me this long to share a historical fiction booktalk!  Actually, Catherine, Called Birdy combines some of my favorite elements of teen fiction.  It’s historical fiction, it’s written in a journal format, and it’s also hilarious!  Check out Karen Cushman’s website to learn more about the author of Catherine, Called Birdy, The Midwife’s Apprentice, Matilda Bone, and lots of other exciting historical fiction titles.


Catherine’s life has just gone from bad to worse.  Up until now, she’s been the daughter of a not-very-rich lord.  They have their title, they have their land, but that’s about it.  Catherine has spent her days doing things she hates, like cooking and cleaning and sewing and embroidery – and she’s not good at any of it!

But now, like I said, things just got worse.  Catherine’s father has decided that he wants her to be married to someone as rich as possible as soon as possible.  But Catherine doesn’t want to be married, especially not to the ugly old men who keep coming to see her.  She’d rather be a monk, a musician, or even a crusader!  Catherine has to make a plan, and soon, if she doesn’t want to be married.  But she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, and she’ll use every last one to drive her suitors away.

Life sure was tough in the thirteenth century!

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  1. Nyela says:

    Oh wow! I remember this book well, especially Catherine’s tricks to drive her suitors away. I think I might check it out from the library for a reread. 🙂

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