Booktalk: Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood is a wonderfully creepy and scary story.  Cas is a likeable protagonist, and Anna is a great character, too … once you get to know her.  The character of Anna and the reason she got her distinctive name will definitely intrigue your teen readers!  Check out Kendare Blake’s website to learn more about Anna Dressed in Blood and her other exciting books.  And stay tuned for the release of Girl of Nightmares in August!


Cas has led a very unusual life so far.  His mother is a witch, and his father was a ghost hunter.  Cas’ father hunted ghosts for years until someone … or some THING … killed him.  Now Cas uses his father’s weapon to kill ghosts.

Right now, Cas is going to pick up a hitchhiker.  This hitchhiker haunts a road in North Carolina, and every time someone picks him up he’s happy and friendly for the first several miles until the car reaches the bridge — the bridge where the hitchhiker was killed.  That’s when he transforms into something else — an angry spirit that wants to get revenge by destroying the driver of the car.  The hitchhiker has already killed more than a dozen people.  Cas has to make sure that he won’t kill anyone else.

As soon as he takes care of the hitchhiker, Cas and his mother are moving to the town of Thunder Bay so that Cas can hunt another ghost.  This ghost is called Anna Dressed in Blood because when her throat was cut she bled so much that her white dress turned completely red.  Cas doesn’t know it yet, but Anna is more powerful, more dangerous, and at the same time more human than any ghost he’s ever encountered before.  Anna might change his life … if she doesn’t end it first.

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  1. Kevin Lauderdale says:

    Great book. I challenge anyone to pick it up, start reading, and put it down before you finish the first chapter.

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