Booktalk: Breathing Underwater by Alex Flinn

While Alex Flinn is probably best known for her book Beastly (which was turned into a movie starring teen heartthrob Alex Pettyfer), the first book I ever read by her is still one of my favorites.  Breathing Underwater is a journal-format novel written from the point of view of an unreliable narrator, which makes for a fascinating read as well as an intriguing booktalk.  It’s a boy-centered book that focuses on family and romantic relationships, so both boys and girls will be intrigued enough by this book to want to find out what happens next.


Nick didn’t do anything wrong, really.  Everyone was making such a big deal about what happened between him and Caitlin.  I mean, Nick didn’t hit Caitlin at all – it was more of a slap, really.  And it only happened once.  So why was everyone acting so crazy, and why was Nick sitting here in a courtroom with Caitlin on the other side?  Nick and Caitlin belonged together, and no restraining order or violence counseling or mandatory journaling was ever going to change that.

The judge says that he can write truth or lies in his journal; she says she likes fairy tales.  But Nick is going to write the truth.  500 words per week about what really happened between him and Caitlin.  From the moment he first met her to today, and everything in between.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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