Booktalk: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

After I’d heard about a new dystopian romance (there’s that phrase that pays!) called Delirium, I ordered a copy through my library system.  The book that showed up had the cover you see on the right.  As I was reading the book, the booktalk started writing itself in my head and I immediately began taking notes so that I could present this book to classes.  By the time I started scheduling my class visits, I saw that there were several different covers available for this book, including the “special edition” pictured on the left.  Now, while I appreciate that the special edition cover is more attractive and more enticing, I made sure that I brought the original cover with me on my class visits.  Because that new cover screams “girls only,” and most boys wouldn’t be caught dead carrying that around.  I can’t guarantee that you’ll have your choice of both covers (as of this moment, I only see the special edition available on, but I just wanted you to be aware that more than one cover design exists for Delirium.  However, you should also know that future volumes in this series look like they’re going to follow the special-edition format.

You can learn about Delirium, its hotly-anticipated sequel Pandemonium (coming out in March!), and more at Lauren Oliver’s website.


64 years ago, amor deliria nervosa was recognized as a disease.  Two decades later, the scientists perfected a cure.  According to the Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook, a cure was necessary, because this disease was known to cause depression, pain, and even death.

Amor deliria nervosa is love, and love is against the law.

Every citizen goes through a procedure in which they are cured of this disease when they turn 18.  Lena is seventeen years old, and she can’t wait to be cured.  Her mother was one of the prime examples of why this disease was so dangerous.  The government tried to cure her mother three different times, with no success.  They were going to try to cure her a fourth time, but Lena’s mother killed herself before they could do it.  Lena’s mother never stopped loving her father.  Lena doesn’t want to live with that kind of pain.  But she has no idea that she’s about to meet a boy who will change her life.

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