Booktalk: Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade) by Denise Vega

Sometimes I need to booktalk a book that makes me laugh and makes the kids laugh.  After all, everyone needs a break from sad books and scary books, right?  This is a great booktalk for the middle school set, especially for 7th graders who light up when they see that it’s a book about THEM.  You can check out Denise Vega’s website to learn more about Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade) and its entertaining sequel, Access Denied (And Other Eighth Grade Error Messages).


My name is Erin Swift.  I have big feet and I love Snickers bars.  I just started seventh grade, and already it’s a disaster.  First, my best friend Jilly and I are in different classes for the first time since kindergarten.  Second, I’m in the same class as Serena Worthington, who is stuck up and annoying and mean.  Third, on my first day of school, Serena Worthington called me a puppet.  As in “Jillian is Gepetto and you’re Pinocchio” kind of puppet.  And you know, it didn’t even make me feel better when I punched Serena in the face for saying it!

But after a few days, I realized that this new school wasn’t all bad.  First, I actually became a little bit famous for punching Serena Worthington.  Second, I only kept the nickname Pinocchio for the first week of school.  Because after that, the janitor found two eighth graders making out in a closet, and people forgot all about Erin the Puppet.  And third, I made a couple of new friends, Rosie and Mark, and we’re all in the computer club together.  Rosie is a good listener and a good friend, and Mark … well, let’s just say that the more time I spend with Mark, the more HTML stands for Hot Tamale Mark LOVE!

I’ve started a home page where I’m writing about my life, posting pictures of me and my friends, and providing fun links to click on.  Click here to throw virtual darts at Serena Worthington’s face.  Click here to contribute your own Revenge of the Puppet ideas.  Click here if you are tired of clicking and just want a Snickers.

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  1. Thomas harrison says:

    what is the theme of this book? what are two other topics that would relate to the subject of this book? Why would they relate to the subject of the book?

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