Help! My Booktalk is Due Tomorrow!

So let’s just say that some time in the future, you receive some terrible news.  You have to get ready to present some booktalks to a class right away, with hardly any prep time.  What will you do?  WHAT WILL YOU DO???

Well, if you listen to this podcast today, you’ll know how to cope with that crisis in the future.  You’ll also get some good ideas that you can apply to just about any class visit.

I give examples of several booktalks in this episode that can be presented with a minimum of memorization.  The specific books I mention are Odd Jobs: Portraits of Unusual Occupations by Nancy Rica Schiff and What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones.  If you’re looking for more suggestions of books that would fit the bill, here are a few more of my favorites.

“Show and Tell” Nonfiction Books:
Alter Ego: Avatars and Their Creators by Robbie Cooper
Mommy Knows Worst: Highlights From the Golden Age of Bad Parenting Advice by James Lileks
Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions From Ordinary Lives by Frank Warren
Bat Boy Lives! by the editors of The Weekly World News

Poem-Format Novels:
The Geography of Girlhood by Kirsten Smith
Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip by Linda Oatman High
After the Kiss by Terra Elan McVoy
Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams

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