Booktalk: Trapped by Michael Northrop


Most young adult librarians became aware of Michael Northrop after his book Gentlemen came out and was a big hit with teenage boys.  In Trapped, his second book for teens, a boy named Scotty tells the story of a snowstorm that strands a group of teenagers in their school.  Trapped would be an excellent choice to give to any reluctant teen readers you know (especially boys who are allergic to “girl books”).  In terms of booktalking to a class, the suspenseful theme will be captivating enough that you can keep a room full of students on the edge of their seats!


The snow started falling in the morning.  If I’d paid attention to the news, I probably would have seen the winter storm warnings and I would’ve worn boots to school instead of sneakers.  I would have known that this storm was going to be a nor’easter, swirling around and around picking up moisture from the Atlantic Ocean and dumping snow over three states.  But then again, even if I had watched the news, I don’t think it really would have made a difference.  Not to me, anyway.

The snow started falling in the morning, and it fell harder and harder all day.

We had no idea that it would keep snowing for almost a week.

My name is Scotty, and I’m the one telling this story.  The story about how everybody made it out of the school in time, except for seven of us who waited for our families to pick us up … and waited … and waited.  Maybe one of the other kids could tell the story better than I could, but you don’t get to pick who tells the story.  Because for one thing, not all of us made it out alive.

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