Booktalk: Amulet Book 1: The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi


The Amulet graphic novel series, beginning with The Stonekeeper, is a series that I can recommend on several different levels.  It’s a touching family story.  It’s a fantasy that takes place in an amazing world that most people don’t realize exists.  It’s a great crossover book for children and teens.  It’s a good choice for librarians, teachers, and parents to put into the hands of reluctant readers.  Plus, the artwork is REALLY amazing.  You can learn more about the Amulet series, including news about the latest book in the series and the ongoing discussion about a possible movie adaptation, at Kazu Kibuishi’s Bolt City website.


Up until now, the single worst day in Emily’s life was the day that she watched her father die.  Their car had gone off the road in a snowstorm, and Emily and her mother had barely escaped with their lives.  Now it’s two years later, and Emily, her brother Navin, and their mother are moving into the home of her great-grandfather Silas.  After his wife died Silas stopped leaving the house, and he was never seen again.  Now the house is  empty, but the neighbors think that it’s haunted.  While Emily, Navin, and their mother are cleaning the house, Emily discovers her great-grandfather’s library.  It contains books, paintings, blueprints, puzzles … and a VERY unusual amulet.  Emily doesn’t realize just how unusual this amulet is until she puts it on and it starts talking to her.  The voice from the amulet tells her that her family is in danger.  Which is true, because her mother is about to be kidnapped by a strange creature, and taken into the amazing world that is hidden beneath the old house.  The amulet tells Emily how to find her great-grandfather.  It tells her that she now has magical powers that she must learn to control.   Soon, Emily is going to face tougher choices than she’s ever had before.  Will it be more important to save her mother, her brother, or herself?  Does she want the power that the amulet is giving her?  And should she even trust the amulet?

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