Booktalk: Tyranny by Lesley Fairfield

As soon as I finished reading Tyranny, I knew that every library that serves teenagers should own multiple copies of this book.  It’s an excellent graphic novel, it explores the topic of eating disorders in a very unique way, and it’s a fictional story that author/illustrator Lesley Fairfield created based on her own real-life battles with anorexia and bulimia.


Anna has a secret.  She has a personal demon called Tyranny that only she can see.  Tyranny tells her what to eat and how to think.  Tyranny tells her that she’s ugly, and that the girl she sees in the mirror is too fat.  Tyranny tells her that she should starve herself, and tells her that if she eats too much that she has to get that food out of her system as soon as possible.  And in any way possible.  Anna thinks that being thin is the answer, and that losing weight can’t hurt her.  But as time passes and Anna gets thinner and thinner, her health begins to fail, until she is finally hospitalized.  Anna needs to turn her life around before it’s too late.  The more weight she loses, the more likely she is to lose her hair, damage her teeth, and put so much strain on her heart that it could kill her.  But every time Anna starts eating again and begins to feel normal, Tyranny returns to tell her that she’s fat, bloated, and ugly.  Anna’s only chance of survival is to break Tyranny’s hold over her once and for all.

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